People who are new to using aluminum for their tool boxes or any other types of products might have developed misconceptions over time. Unfortunately, these misconceptions often prevent them from buying products that would make their lives easier. Here are four myths we’d like to debunk for you.


#1: Tool boxes in aluminum are so light, they must be weak

Aluminum is three times lighter than steel, but that doesn’t automatically mean weakness. Alan Mulally, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company, once said: “Pound for pound, aluminum is stronger and tougher than steel.” Alloyed with elements, it can be as strong as steel while being much lighter and anti-corrosion. Take 7075 aluminum alloy for example. With zinc being the primary alloying element, this type of alloy is as strong as steel. Because of its high strength-to-density ratio, it is often used in transport applications, including marine, automotive and aviation, where strength is critical. The US military has trusted aluminum for decades. The high-strength, crash-absorbent metal is used to reduce weight, resist rust and be reliable under tough conditions. Therefore, aluminum tool boxes are great for your semi-truck or tractor trailer.


#2: Aluminum tool boxes might not be so durable?

Companies like Ford, who produce some of the best pickups in the industry, have come to trust aluminum because they know it’s going to last. Automotive designers and engineers know that high-strength aluminum alloys can handle the harshest conditions on earth. So the answer is yes… tool boxes made of aluminum are extremely durable for your truck.


#3: We say aluminum truck boxes reduce energy consumption, how can it be?

Remember we said aluminum is three times lighter than steel. In 2015, Ford released the all-aluminum-body F-150, shedding 700 pounds or approximately 15 percent of the vehicle’s body weight. This weight reduction improved fuel efficiency and increased safety, all without sacrificing performance. Now, when it comes to a heavy duty toolbox or a storage box for semi-trucks, imagine all the energy an aluminum tool box can save you compared to other types of products?


#4: An aluminum tool box is really expensive

True, your aluminum tool box can be more expensive than a steel tool box, but consider this: when taking into accounts durability, the energy (and the fuel) you save because your heavy duty aluminum tool box is lighter, you’ll come to realize how cheap aluminum is when compared to steel.


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