Custom Tool Boxes – 5 Questions You Need To Ask When Ordering

Custom Tool Boxes – 5 Questions You Need To Ask When Ordering

Last Updated on September 20, 2017 by Andreanne Lafleur



Knowing exactly what you want to have for your tool box is critical. Based on our experience with customers, here are five questions you need to ask yourself before ordering your custom truck box.

Number 1: The why question

Ask yourself: why do I need a tool box for my truck? You can have many answers to that question, but the more answers you have, the more options you’ll need, but rest assured: no matter what your needs are, there is a truck tool box that can meet them all and Trebor Manufacturing has the best reputation in Canada for its quality work.

Number 2: The when question

It might sound simple, but planning your order in advance will facilitate the order process and accelerate the delivery time. At Trebor Manufacturing, we’re able to deliver your tool box in a matter of days, once you have your final plan, but the longest part is most often the design process. So planning in advance will help you figure out what you need to have.

Number 3: The what question

Now that you have established why and when you’ll need your custom tool box, you’ll be able to decide what you want to have in that tool box. You might need a special case for specific tools or you might require a section that has a particular size? Here are some questions you may wish to answer:

  • Which type of finish would you like? A smooth finish or checkered plate?
  • How many doors do you need? One or two?
  • What kind of handle would you like? T-handle, whaletail, HD cam lock?
  • How much weight will the aluminum tool box regularly hold?

Establishing what you need to fit in the tool box will bring you a step closer to finalising your custom tool box.

Number 4: The how much question

Establish your budget. Price is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying a custom tool box. You might have listed many reasons why you need a tool box, but defining your budget will guide you in selecting the right options. Keep in mind that a custom tool box offers you a lot of flexibility.

Number 5: The where question

The variety of tool box options is almost infinite. Some are designed to fit on the bed of your semi truck, others on the trailer, while others are meant to be installed on the sides of the truck. So think about where you’d like it to be installed. If, for example, your truck bed space is regularly used up, a side mount tool box might be a better choice as it will provide easy access to your gear.

If you’d like to order a custom tool box for your truck or semi truck, give us a call now and we’ll guide you through the next steps to ensure you get a tool box that meets all your needs.

Visit our custom tool box page for more information.