A Custom Aluminum Tool Box For Your Semi Truck – 3 Reasons Why You Should Go Custom

A Custom Aluminum Tool Box For Your Semi Truck – 3 Reasons Why You Should Go Custom

Last Updated on October 12, 2017 by Andreanne Lafleur


Creating a custom tool box for trucks is easier and cheaper than you might think. When looking for the perfect tool box for your truck, you may be lucky and find exactly what you need, but that’s not always possible if you have specific requirements that our regular models do not include. Here are three reasons why it’s much easier to go with a custom tool box for your semi-truck.

1. Tailored storage for your custom tool box

Different people need different types of storage. If you just need a few tools, but you need more space for truck gear like chains, ropes, oil and straps, you’ll need a different type of storage than someone who needs to carry many tools. That person will probably need smaller compartments in his custom tool box to store different types of tools. When you create your own custom tool box for your semi-truck, you have the ability to think about creating your own storage. Having custom storage tailored exactly to your needs will help you in your daily job. Your material will be properly stored, you won’t have to search for it because you’ll know where they belong and you’ll prevent damage as well.

2. Fitting your customized truck tool box where you want it

There are so many types of trucks and semi trucks that finding the right location to fit a standard tool box is not always easy. When you opt for a custom tool box, you can choose the exact place where you want it to be installed on your truck. Whether you need an underbody tool box, battery boxstep tool box or any other type of tool box, a custom tool box will fit right where you want it to. That will help you maximize your space on your truck where every inch is critical to your profitability.

3. Flexible options to fit your budget

If you have a budget to respect, a custom tool box is a great choice because you have many options available. You can decide on adding what you really need and remove options that aren’t essential to keep the cost of your semi-truck custom tool box on budget. If your first design is too expensive, you might take an inch off its length, width or height; you might also take out a compartment or choose different door handles and so on.


Trebor Manufacturing can help you build the aluminum tool box you need. Send us your specifications and we’ll make sure your semi truck tool box will match your budget and requirements. A custom semi-truck tool box might be exactly what you need.


Learn more about Trebor Manufacturing’s custom tool box and contact us to get a quote or if you have any questions we can help you with.