3 Reasons Why a Custom Tool Box for Semi Trucks Can Save You Money

3 Reasons Why a Custom Tool Box for Semi Trucks Can Save You Money

Last Updated on December 4, 2017 by Andreanne Lafleur

In every type of business, there are simple actions people can take that will change the way their business operates, and for a business that uses semi trucks, a custom tool box is a great example. A simple investment that has the power to change a lot.


Here are three arguments that will convince you to invest in a custom tool box for semi trucks.


Reason number one: stop wasting time

Time is money. You’ve heard that before. If you use semi trucks, you probably have tools, tarps, corners, bungees or other things to carry as well. Now imagine two scenarios. First, a truck without a tool box. Your employee has some equipment that he needs to store in different storage areas or cases. His equipment is spread out in different areas of the truck. The second employee has a truck with a tool box in which he stores all his equipment. Shall we even ask which employee will do a job quicker than the other? Let’s pretend the second employee saves about 15 minutes a day because of that. Multiply that situation by about 220 days of work per year and by the number of trucks you have on the road. How many hours can you save with a proper custom tool box for your semi trucks? Probably more than what you need to invest to buy it.


Reason number two: your tools or equipment will last longer

When designed properly, your equipment will fit nicely in the custom tool box which will prevent it from being damaged. You don’t have to worry about weather conditions as our tool boxes are designed to prevent moisture from seeping in. The tool box will be perfectly sealed and made of aluminum, known to be resistant to corrosion.


Reason number three: you’ll save on gas

Instead of carrying a few heavy tool boxes in your semi-truck, an aluminum custom tool box will fit perfectly where you want it to. Because aluminum is so light, you will reduce your carrying weight, so your truck can carry more payload. So it means more money in your pocket.


Do you need more convincing arguments? Call one of Trebor’s Manufacturing specialists now or get a free quote by filling an online form. If you need more information before filling the online form, our specialists can guide you through every step of the design of your custom tool box for semi trucks. We have been manufacturing high quality aluminum equipment and accessories for semi-trucks and trailers since 1985! We are specialized customized tool box and our success in the last couple of decades is there to prove it.