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What is the purpose of a headache rack? The top 4 reasons why your truck should have one.

What is the purpose of a headache rack? The top 4 reasons why your truck should have one.

One of the ways to protect your truck investment and prevent headaches is by equipping your truck with a custom headache rack. Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? The word headache rack might be a bit misleading, but this is a really important accessory to have on your truck.

Here are four reasons why we, at Trebor Manufacturing, believe that every truck owner should invest in an aluminum semi headache rack.


A driver’s security is Trebor’s main concern and by equipping your truck with a headache rack, you will not only improve the driver’s and passenger’s security, but also the security of every person sharing the road with you. With a custom headache rack made from sturdy, waterproof aluminum material, you will be safer than ever before when you drive around with your equipment at the back.

Preventing Truck Damage

A headache rack can prevent a lot of damage to your truck’s cab If an impact occurs to the back of your cab due to an accident or sudden braking, a headache rack will prevent material from hitting the cab and causing damage, as well preventing possible injuries to the driver.


When buying a headache rack, you will not only improve your security, but you can also add more storage to your truck with an enclosed headache rack or a closet headache rack for example. With our customizing options, you will have be able to build the cab rack that will meet all your needs.


At Trebor Manufacturing, we use aluminum to build your headache rack because we know it will outlast any weather condition. This sturdy and waterproof material is not only rustproof, but it’s also very light which will not add too much weight on your truck. Since aluminum is much lighter than other material like steel, you will save a lot of money on fuel and your truck will last longer.

Trebor Manufacturing offers different types of semi headache racks:

  • Standard: can match the style of your semi-truck with standard or round corners
  • Enclosed: your cab guard unit can be provided in any configuration or size
  • Logging: all our logging cab guards are certified D.O.T for transport requirements
  • Closet: you can store everything you need with an overhead door that lifts up
  • Trailer bulkhead: offered with three standard bulkheads with optional sides

Contact us today to find out more about the different headache rack options offered at Trebor Manufacturing.