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Semi Truck Accessories – Canadian Manufacturer of The Most Durable Heavy Duty Truck Accessories

Semi Truck Accessories – Canadian Manufacturer of The Most Durable Heavy Duty Truck Accessories

Whether it’s semi truck accessories or any other type of products or business, knowing your market is one of the key elements for success. Is there anyone in a better position to know what Canadians need than a Canadian-based company? At Trebor Manufacturing, we know that being a semi truck accessory company based in Canada is one of the main reasons why we have rapidly become a leader in the heavy duty truck accessories business in North America.

Here are four reasons that make our success…

We Are A Canadian Truck Accessories Manufacturer And We Know What Cold Means

If you meet someone that has never lived in a country like Canada, you can’t really call him a winter conditions expert. It also goes the other way. A Canadian who has always lived in Canada can’t really call himself a natural disaster expert when discussing with someone who has gone through hurricanes or tornados for example. When it comes to building semi truck accessories that can deal with Canadian weather, you should trust a company that lives in these conditions. Based in Ottawa Ontario, our employees know what you’re going through and what is needed for your trucks. Our semi truck tool boxes, semi headache racks and other semi truck accessories are built to resist the toughest Canadian winters.

Canadian Custom Truck Accessories Delivered Quickly in North America

No matter what you need when it comes to your custom semi truck accessories, Trebor Manufacturing can do it and deliver quickly throughout North America in a matter of days. Throughout the years, we have developed our capacity to customize head ache racks, tool boxes and other aluminum semi truck accessories that will meet your business’ needs in Canada and the US. By using 0.125 inch thick aluminum for all our products, we have the ability to customize heavy duty truck accessories without worrying about durability and corrosion.

Most Trusted Semi Truck Accessories Manufacturer in Canada

We have been manufacturing semi truck accessories in Canada since 1985. Trebor Manufacturing has become one of the most trusted companies in Canada and the US when it comes to aluminum tool boxes, aluminum headache racks, flat beds, dump bodies and all other semi truck accessories. A large network of dealerships and retailers across Canada and the United States have placed their trust in Trebor Manufacturing for their custom truck accessory needs.

You know you can trust Trebor Manufacturing because the company owns a safety certificate from the Canadian Ministry of Transport and is a proud member of AETC and NDTA, two transport industry associations.

Contact us today to get a free quote and to discuss with one of our specialists who can advise you on what is best for your truck and your business in Canada and the US.