Semi Truck Accessories – Manufacturer of the Most Durable Heavy Duty Truck Accessories in Canada

Semi Truck Accessories – Manufacturer of the Most Durable Heavy Duty Truck Accessories in Canada

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

Whether it’s semi truck accessory manufacturers or any other type of business, knowing your market is one of the key elements of success. Is there anyone in a better position to truly understand what Canadians need than a Canadian-based company?

At Trebor Manufacturing, we know that being Canadian based is largely what has propelled our semi truck accessory manufacturing company to the forefront of our industry, positioning us as a leader among semi truck accessory manufacturers in North America.

Here are four reasons that have contributed to our success as a top-tier provider of tractor trailer accessories in Canada.

1) We are a Canadian semi truck accessories manufacturer—we know what cold means!

You cannot really consider someone who has never lived in a country like Canada to be an expert on wintery conditions. Of course, the same logic also applies inversely: a Canadian who has always lived in Canada cannot really call themselves an expert on natural disasters in comparison with someone who has experienced hurricanes or tornados, for example.

Considering the above, it should therefore come as no surprise: when it comes to shopping for semi truck accessories that can withstand brutal Canadian winters, you should trust a company that operates in these conditions. As a manufacturer of semi truck accessories based in Ottawa, Ontario, we are familiar with the rough conditions regularly faced by truckers when they’re on the job. Our employees possess a keen understanding of the types of accessories for semi trucks that you’re looking for. Our semi truck tool boxes, semi headache racks and other semi truck accessories are built to withstand the toughest Canadian winters.

2) We offer custom, Canadian-made truck accessories delivered quickly throughout North America

No matter which specific semi truck accessories you need, Trebor Manufacturing can customize your order. Our customers enjoy fast delivery—offered throughout North America—in a matter of days. That’s right: not weeks, unlike many of our competitors!

Over the years, we have developed our ability to customize headache racks, tool boxes and other aluminum semi truck accessories to meet the diverse needs of businesses across Canada and the US. Thanks to our superior craftsmanship (we use 1/8” thick aluminum for all our products), we are able to customize heavy duty truck accessories that come with guaranteed durability, yet also resist corrosion.

3) We manufacture an impressive array of accessories for semi trucks

Here at Trebor Manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive assortment of aluminum tool boxes, aluminum headache racks, flat beds, dump bodies and other semi truck accessories. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of stakeholders from all across the trucking industry, from manufacturers, to distributors, to retailers and more. Whether you’re hauling steel in Ontario or lumber in British Columbia, we are your number one go-to partner for finding the right heavy truck accessories to get you where you need to go safely, every time you get behind the wheel!

4) We are the most trusted semi truck accessories manufacturer in Canada

We have been manufacturing semi truck accessories in Canada since 1985. Naturally, Trebor Manufacturing has become one of the most trusted manufacturers of semi truck accessories in Canada and the US. A large network of dealerships and retailers across Canada and the US have placed their trust in Trebor Manufacturing for their custom truck accessory needs.

Trebor Manufacturing holds a safety certificate from Transport Canada and is a proud member of AETC and NDTA, two transport industry associations—so you know you can trust our company when shopping for your heavy truck accessories.

Trebor Manufacturing is proud to serve dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck part dealers across North America. Please feel free to contact us today or request a quote for any of our semi-truck accessories, including aluminum tool boxes (such as underbody tool boxes), semi headache racks, custom headache racks or any other products such as dump bodies or flatbeds. One of our specialists will be happy to advise you on what is best for your truck and your business, whether you’re in Canada or the US.

If you’re shopping for an underbody tool box, you’ll definitely want to check out our interactive tool, where you can choose from all the options we have described above to build your own custom tool box. At Trebor Manufacturing, we offer a fast turnaround time and top-quality products to help you hit the road in style safely!