Why Do They Call It A Headache Rack?

Why Do They Call It A Headache Rack?

Last Updated on February 22, 2021 by Bridge Media Dev

Why on earth is a protective cab shield for trucks called a headache rack? Compared to other languages, English is usually known as a very practical, concrete language—which makes the term headache rack even more bizarre…right?

Although there may not be an official explanation for why it’s called a semi headache rack, here are a few plausible theories for how these rear racks got their name.

Hypothesis 1 – It prevents headache-inducing situations

Have you ever found yourself wondering “What is the purpose of a headache rack?”? If so, well, it all comes down to safety! (Though we also like to think of it as a stylish addition to your truck!) Case in point: imagine two people driving a pick-up without a custom headache rack. They’re hauling heavy equipment, and as they’re cruising along on the highway, the driver suddenly needs to brake. The equipment would likely come smashing through the rear window just behind the driver and their passenger, giving them way more than just a headache. As you can probably imagine, a headache rack can help prevent this sort of catastrophic incident. Therefore, you could say that this equipment is called a headache rack because it saves users from experiencing an actual headache-inducing situation.

Hypothesis 2 – Have you ever hit your head on a headache rack?

On the flip side, you could say it’s called a headache rack because it might not only save you from getting one, but it might actually give you a headache. As a truck owner, how often have you put equipment underneath the rack and then stood up too quickly, hitting your head on the crossbar at the top of the rack? Given that many have had that unfortunate experience, perhaps a headache rack isn’t such a bad name… especially considering the sort of words that they likely let slip right after hitting their heads! (Need we say that it could have been much worse?!).

Hypothesis 3 – Less noise, fewer headaches

The third and final explanation might be a bit of a stretch, but some people say that a good headache rack reduces the annoying noise caused by loose equipment when it’s improperly stored or tied to your rack. Avoiding constant noise when you’re driving for long periods of time can certainly reduce the risk of getting a headache.

The best thing about headache racks? …No more headaches!

In a nutshell, if you’re still wondering “What is a headache rack used for?”, it’s meant to save you from headaches—literal or otherwise! Fortunately, many of the new standard and custom headache racks designed by Trebor Manufacturing will reduce the risk that you’ll hit your head. At the end of the day, headache truck racks improve your safety while on the road and increase your truck’s storage capacity; they can also be customized to meet your individual needs, for example, by adding lights.

Above all, you’ll boost your productivity and efficiency by investing in a custom headache rack. Purpose, or utility, is not sacrificed for aesthetics here at Trebor Manufacturing. Rather, we go the extra mile to ensure that you, our valued customer, enjoy the best of both function and style. Sure, you can find headache racks in a variety of available finishes: aluminium, powder coated or steel “black primer.” Beware, though, that only the first of these options provides superior performance. Indeed, aluminum is the ideal material for your headache rack, as it is much more resistant to rust than alternative materials.

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