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Why Do They Call It A Headache Rack?

Why Do They Call It A Headache Rack?

Why in the world do people call a protective cab shield for trucks a headache rack? Compared to other languages, English is usually known as a very practical and concrete language, which makes the term headache rack even more bizarre, right?

There might not be an official explanation as to why it’s called a semi headache rack, but here are a few plausible theories.

Hypothesis 1 – Prevents headache situations

Maybe because it can prevent users from an actual headache situation. Imagine two people driving a pick up without a custom headache rack. They carry heavy equipment and as they are cruising on the highway, the driver suddenly needs to brake. It’s quite possible the equipment comes smashing through the rear window just behind the driver and the passengers, giving them more than just a headache. A headache rack can prevent that from happening.

Hypothesis 2 – Have you ever hit your head on a headache rack?

On the flip side, maybe it’s called a headache rack because it might not only save you from getting one, but it might actually cause you a headache. How many truck owners have put equipment underneath the rack and then stood up too quickly and hit their heads against the cross bar at the top of the rack? Many have had that unfortunate experience and perhaps a headache rack isn’t such a bad name given the type of words that probably came out of their mouth right after hitting their heads! It could have been much worse…

Hypothesis 3 – Less noise, less headaches

The third and last explanation might be a stretch, but some people say that a good headache rack will reduce the annoying noise caused by loose equipment when it’s properly stored or tied to your rack. Less noise while driving for a long distance can certainly reduce the risk of getting a headache.

The best headache racks – no more headaches!

Fortunately, many of the new standard and custom headache racks designed by Trebor Manufacturing will reduce the risk of you hitting your head. At the end of the day, a headache rack will improve your safety, increase your storage capacity and can be customized to your needs, like adding lights.

Above all things, your investment in a custom headache rack will be beneficial because it will increase your productivity and efficiency. Call one of Trebor Manufacturing’s specialists today to get a free quote for a standard or a custom headache rack.