Small Underbody Tool Box Sizes for Your Truck

Small Underbody Tool Box Sizes for Your Truck

Last Updated on April 17, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur

An underbody tool box is a useful asset to have on semi trucks and heavy-duty trucks. One might think that they’re only made for bigger trucks, but that’s not true! Owners of smaller models of trucks can definitely find an underbody tool box that will fit perfectly and improve their truck’s storage capacity.

Underbody tool box’s usefulness even for smaller trucks

If you need to carry heavy material or products on a regular basis for your own business or for a client, an underbody tool box will give you more space to store those products instead of taking up the space in your smaller truck. You’ll save time, energy and will reduce the risk of hurting your back while carrying heavy equipment.

At Trebor Manufacturing, you can get a wide range of small underbody tool boxes with many options available. Here are some of the options available to you.

Available sizes for small trucks

There is a wide range of sizes you can select from, but here is a look at the three smaller ones.

If your truck has some specific needs and you want your box to be lower or less deep, Trebor Manufacturing offers custom underbody tool box that will help you maximize the space available.

Door options

For these smaller underbody tool box options, you won’t be able to fit two doors, only a single door. You’ll be able to choose is whether you want it to fold up, down, left or right.

Finish of your underbody tool box

No matter how small or how big your box is, Trebor Manufacturing offers three different finishes for your box:

  • Aluminum diamond
  • Smooth aluminum
  • Smooth aluminum box and mirror stainless steel

Aluminum is Trebor’s number one choice for all its truck accessories because it’s strong, durable, light and resistant to corrosion.

Storage possibilities

When space is limited, choosing an underbody tool box with appropriate storage becomes a very important aspect. Plan ahead as to what you will need to fit in your tool box. This important step will help you make your business more efficient. This is why you get to decide on adding standard or adjustable shelves, drawers and separators. Your storage can be adjusted to fit what you’re carrying.

Order with your truck dealer

Many truck dealers across Canada and in the United States already have an account with Trebor Manufacturing, so ordering through them is easy. Truck repair shops and truck parts retailers could also have a business account with us, so check with them first. If you are based in a region where no businesses can offer that service, give us a call today and our Trebor Manufacturing specialists will be happy to assist you.