How a Custom Headache Rack Could Save your Life

How a Custom Headache Rack Could Save your Life

Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

We’re not joking when saying that a custom headache rack could save your life. As reported by Patty Hastings in the Columbian, a semi driver named Jack Phillips barely escaped with his life when “a massive steel beam tore through [his] truck, missing the 58-year-old Vancouver man by a few inches.” Jack’s life-threatening situation could have been avoided with a headache rack. Others, as reported by CLD Life, are not so lucky. On Feb 17th, 2015, for example, “A truck driver was killed at 78th and Kaw Drive in Kansas City, Kansas […] The driver hit the brakes to avoid colliding with [a] motorist, and then [his] load of plywood shifted – crushing the cab and killing the driver.”

Trebor Manufacturing’s semi headache rack is a cab guard made of aluminum that fits securely in the space between the back of the cab and the load you are carrying. You can find custom headache racks for semi-trucks and regular trucks.

Trucking is a Risky Business

There are many factors to consider when making sure a load is secure and ready to transport. And yet, even when the load is secure, and the driver skilled, there are certain risks inherent to driving trucks. As the Willis Law firm points out, due to the “design defects” present in all semi trucks, “the weight and location of the cargo can raise or shift the center of gravity of the 18 wheeler rig making it more difficult to maintain in emergency braking and accident avoidance maneuvers.” This, the firm points out, is responsible for the staggering amount of rollovers that happen daily on America’s highways. One way a driver can protect him or herself from these risks is to install a custom headache rack on their semi, which helps not only with securing the load but also ensures the cab does not get crushed in the event of a rollover.

Custom Headache Racks for Semi Trucks Make Everything Safer

Not only do custom headache racks help secure the load you are carrying, but most importantly, they act as a barrier between you and whatever you are transporting. When a large semi-truck comes to a sudden stop, objects from the back can be launched towards the rear cab window, sometimes even breaking through and harming the person or people in the front.

Headache what?

While there are many theories about the origin of the word, nobody really knows how a headache rack got its name. But one thing is for certain, custom headache racks save you more than a headache. They literally save lives.

Contact your local truck dealers, truck repair shop or truck parts retailers to find out more about Trebor’s semi headache racks or  custom headache racks. If your business is based in a region where there are no businesses that can offer you custom Trebor’s headache racks, call us today and we will help you find the closest dealer offering them.