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Useful Truck Accessories in Canada: Try Trebor’s Fenders

Useful Truck Accessories in Canada: Try Trebor’s Fenders

The use of truck accessories in Canada makes semi-trucks look large and intimidating! With its large inventory of truck accessories available in Canada and in the United States, Trebor Manufacturing can take some credit for that.

True beasts on our Canadian roads, semi-trucks need to be treated with care and respect. And as we know from watching Spider-Man, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When driving a semi truck this means equipping your truck with the right truck accessories so as to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. First up? Fenders.

Fenders are the protection around your wheel that keep out dirt and debris. The word is often used to refer to the entire front of a vehicle, no doubt popularized through the term “fender bender”, which means any sort of small bump or accident. However a true fender is what frames the wheel well.

“I’m covered,” you say. “My truck already has fenders.” Perhaps, but Trebor offers the highest quality customizable fenders to be found in Canada. And with the country’s extreme weather, you have no choice but to have truck accessories in Canada. Built to perfectly fit your truck, custom aluminum semi-truck accessories such as this one offer unparalleled protection and efficiency.

Think about it: semi-truck tires are some of the largest on the road, with deep treads that can easily pick up stones and debris on the road and hurl them forward with startling velocity. Not only does this put others in danger, it puts you at risk too. Nobody gets off scot free when an accident happens directly in front of them.

What’s more, your truck itself has your fenders to thank for its pristine condition! Without your fenders your tires would be hurling stones upward into the body of the truck. This is why custom semi-truck accessories are the key to keeping your truck like new. Rain? Mud? Roadkill? No problem. Keeping these contained within the fenders ensures the truck stays clean. Custom-made fenders only maximize these benefits, ensuring that no sly little stone makes its way out.

Every driver on the highway will have a more relaxed time when the king of the road is equipped safely, and nothing helps towards this end more than proper fenders to keep your truck in good shape, and others out of harm’s way.

If you’re looking for fenders or any other truck accessories in Canada, call Trebor Manufacturing today and we’ll be happy to serve you. Trebor Manufacturing is proud to be serving dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck parts dealers, across North America. Please feel free to call us, contact us or request a quote in regards to any of our semi-truck and trailer accessories, custom truck equipment and other products.

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