Custom Tool Boxes: Where Do They Fit in a Trucker’s Budget?

Custom Tool Boxes: Where Do They Fit in a Trucker’s Budget?

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We all know that nothing makes a trucker’s life easier than having a custom tool box for their semi. We also know that they cost money. Money doesn’t fall from the sky, and neither will a toolbox. Our guess is that your spouse isn’t going to have one made and surprise you for your anniversary, so this is something you’re going to have to fit in your budget yourself. We’re here to help you crunch the numbers, because if you’re making a living from trucking, you’ve got to tally up your operating costs, maintenance, etc., to have an idea of what your budget really looks like.

One of the advantages of knowing exactly what it costs to operate your truck is that you are running a more efficient business and you are making more profit. The good news is that custom toolboxes will make your business more profitable. More profit means upgrades. Upgrades like Trebor’s custom toolboxes will mean an easier time on the job and more fun while you’re at it. Choose the toolbox that fits your needs such as an underbody tool box, a top lid tool box, an in-frame tool box, a cross frame tool box, a step tool box or a battery tool box.


Where are you spending your money?

Every truck has fixed costs and variable costs. The easiest way to understand this is that fixed costs are unwavering- month to month, year to year they are the same, for example licensing and registration fees, insurance, and so on. Variable costs change day to day. This could be fuel depending on what contracts you take on, repairs, and one-time upgrades like custom toolboxes.


Calculate your operating cost per mile

With the above numbers in hand, establish an operating cost per mile. How? Easy. Estimate fixed and variable costs over five years. We recommend five years because a year doesn’t give an accurate enough picture. Sure, you can calculate a year’s worth of tires, and routine maintenance, but it is only about every 3-5 years that you are hit with really big repairs. So budget those in too. Calculate expenses like food, fuel, bills, communications, and every aspect of your business, including accessories like custom toolboxes, until you have a number. Divide it by the number of miles you drive in five years, and now you know how much it costs to go one mile in your truck. This is what you need to put aside to run your business.


The beauty in the math

Now these numbers should be generous. For example do not skimp on your maintenance costs. That way you should put away enough over five years to be able to weather the big expenses. With this method, you can also factor in a custom aluminum tool box, and see that it only costs you .5 cents (for example) per mile! Seen like this, it is easy to incrementally save up. So pick a length of time, say two years, and factor it into your operating costs, and when you take that money out per mile, you’ll have your toolbox within two years’ time!


Other ways to save

Not only can looking at your operating costs and cost per mile have you saving like a pro, they can also help you get a good look at where you are perhaps overspending. Maybe you weren’t noticing it at first, but those hotels and restaurants are really starting to put a dent in your budget, increasing your operating cost per mile. Or maybe you need to start employing more fuel efficient driving methods, reducing idling and employing other eco-driving hacks. All of these will save you money per mile, and over the course of several years, equal several thousands of dollars.


So whether you choose to add the toolbox into the operating cost and slowly save, or choose to reduce your spending in other areas in order to keep operating costs the same while adding in a custom toolbox for your semi, you’ll find that purchasing an item that you before felt was unattainable is simply a matter of some good math and a few conscious decisions. Need more information about how to choose your custom toolbox? Discover 3 tips to help you make the right choice.


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