Customizing Your Truck with Accessories in Canada

Customizing Your Truck with Accessories in Canada

Last Updated on August 7, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur

If you’re a trucker, your truck is practically your home, which is why you need to find the right spot for truck accessories in Canada. It’s time to start treating your truck like your home! What your truck really needs are some semi truck accessories that make it feel personalized and unique.

Because let’s face it – life on the road can be hard. There’s an old folk tune called “Six Days on the Road and I’m Gonna Make it Home Tonight”. No doubt you’ve had the same feeling while on a long journey, watching the hours go by and wishing they’d go faster? When you start seeing your truck more like a home, you are more inclined to invest in it and care for it. Here are some truck accessory ideas that will have you singing “Six Days on the Road and I’m Gonna make it Sixteen More”:

1. Make Your Job Easier

Now when we talk about accessories we’re not asking you to hire a decorator. There are some very practical truck accessories available in Canada to make the nitty gritty of your job easier to manage. For example, a custom aluminum toolbox will hold all of your tools and keep them safe and accessible, and it will make your business more profitable. A custom headache rack will keep you safe in the event of a load shift and could literally save your life, find out why in our article “How a custom headache rack could save your life”. Tire chain racks with a lockable lid ensure safety and accessibility. Your truck operations could be 1000% more efficient just with the help of these and other custom semi truck accessories available in Canada, and suddenly you’ll find you’ll have more time for leisure!

2. Make It More Comfortable

Speaking of leisure, you don’t just need truck accessories that make your semi more streamlined and easy to use. You can also get accessories that make you feel better about sitting in the driver’s seat! For example, a useful semi truck accessory to have in Canada is a comfortable seat (you know what our roads look like here). Often overlooked, the quality of your backrest can affect your posture and spinal health for years to come. Additionally, tinted windows can give your eyes a rest, making sure the glare of a bright day doesn’t damage your eyesight. A good GPS system will help you get everywhere more easily, and give you a good idea of your timing, so you know how long until you next get to stretch your legs.

3. Give it Personality

And now we get down to the cute and homey. Do you have a bed in your truck? Time to update to a memory foam mattress! Put a picture of your kids or sweetheart next to your pillow while you’re at it. Keep your truck clean with the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner, and get an air purifier to make long trips during the summer more comfortable. If you’re feeling festive, get some personalized seat and steering wheel covers – maybe even floor mats in nice colors! Too much? No way! Before you know it, these custom semi truck accessories will have you feeling like your truck is truly a home away from home. Now all you’re missing is a hula girl on the dash!

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