Custom Tool Boxes, Mini Fridges and more: Seven Accessories You Need for your Truck

Custom Tool Boxes, Mini Fridges and more: Seven Accessories You Need for your Truck

Last Updated on October 4, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur


From comfort enhancing accessories — like sleeping mats, to things that will just make your job that much easier to perform — like custom toolboxes, here is your go-to list of things that will round out your trucking experience and bring your quality of life up a few (dozen) percentage points.

  1. A Mini Fridge 

    You’ll spend a lot less money on the road if you have a mini-fridge to store perishables such as fruits and vegetables, as well as leftovers. This way you can say goodbye to constant stops as well, saving on time, fuel, and the money you’d be spending on empty calories.

  2. A Crock Pot 

    Hello Life on the Road 2.0! Not only do you have the fridge for your leftovers, but a crock pot will ensure that you are able to start a meal when you leave for somewhere, and it will be ready when you arrive. Good life hack? You bet! And the smell of food cooking will make it that much more exciting when you finally stop to eat.

  3. A Sleeping Mat 

    Driving safely means stopping when you are tired. Nobody just wants to lean their seat back and sleep in the same place they work, so bring a mat for optimum comfort and rest. Your back will thank you.

  4. A Heated Blanket 

    People keep saying it, but WINTER IS COMING! And with the winter comes colder temperatures. Cut costs by cranking the heat down just a few degrees, but stay warm with the help of an electric blanket, so those snowy nights on the road turn into cozy evenings you can look forward to.

  5. A Custom Headache Rack 

    This may not be as Martha Stewart as the other things named above, but your creature comforts can never be truly comfortable unless you have peace of mind. And so equipping your truck with one of Trebor’s custom headache rack to prevent a load shift will contribute to your well-being by ensuring that you are free of stress, and all you have to worry about is whether or not the crock pot is on the right setting. Here’s how a custom headache rack could save your life.

  6. Custom Tool boxes 

    A custom tool box for your semi keeps all the things you need right at the tips of your fingers rather than scattered and sliding around in the back. So when you need something, you only have to pop out and grab it from its dedicated location. Here are 3 tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing your custom tool boxes.

  7. Gadgets 

    Now that sleep, food, warmth, safety, and ease of work have been covered, what’s left? Well, people need to be entertained! You’ll have reached the pinnacle of your truck upgrades when you outfit your semi with a personal wifi spot (no more relying on truck stop wifi) or a personal sound system.


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