Top Truck Accessories for Drivers in Canada

Top Truck Accessories for Drivers in Canada

Last Updated on October 10, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur

Truck accessories in Canada are not the same as truck accessories in other places. While every driver needs semi-truck accessories such as custom aluminum tool boxes, semi headache racks or steps and ladders, a Canadian driver faces a whole lot of challenges that his fellow drivers to the south have never even thought of, let alone been trained for!

Imagine trying to explain to someone from California about a drive along the Alaska Highway in the middle of winter. They probably wouldn’t even believe you when you talk about the treacherous weather conditions, let alone the buffalo!

So here, my fellow Canadians, is a list of some things you never want to drive without.

  1. A Snow Plow
    You can attach a plow to the front or back of your truck to get snow out of the way. We know, you can’t really get more Canadian than with this particular truck accessory, but when you’re in a tight spot, or a snowed one, it could be a life-saver.
  2. A Winch
    Ok, so the way wasn’t plowed and you may have gotten a bit stuck. Or perhaps you veered too quickly or got stranded on some ice. A winch is one of those truck accessories in Canada you can count on. It’s a spool and crank that will allow you to pull your vehicle out of tight spots when the tires are just spinning.
  3. Jumper Cables
    A staple for any driver, this truck accessory is particularly useful for drivers in Canada who have to deal with frigid temperature that cause vehicles to sometimes shut down due to drained battery. Many southerners would be shocked to know that in some northern communities, folks idle their cars all night out of fear that they wouldn’t be able to start them in the morning! Be more eco-friendly and have jumper cables on hand.
  4. Portable Jumpstarter
    Where are you going to connect those jumper cables? Another truck? What if you’re all alone? Up north? If it’s nighttime? The smart thing to do is to have a portable jumpstarter to make sure you don’t feel like your teen self, stranded and waiting for a boost.
  5. An Air Compressor
    Cold temperatures make for flat tires. How? Lower temperatures lower the ambient air pressure, meaning the air in your tires contracts and therefore doesn’t fill the tires properly anymore. An air compressor is a sure fix if you find your truck looking a little, er, saggy.
  6. Car Heaters
    The truck accessory that you will most immediately benefit from in our harsh Canadian climate is a heater or two for the inside of your vehicle. If you have to leave your truck for awhile, in -20 degrees Celsius, the temperature plummets rapidly. A heater will ensure that you come back to a toasty nest.

Truck accessories in Canada are adapted to our roads, our weather, and our trucks. Almost makes you want to hit the road, eh?


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