Truck Driver Shortages Mean More Job Opportunities!

Truck Driver Shortages Mean More Job Opportunities!

Last Updated on November 7, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur


When you’re a kid and you think of higher education, words like doctor, lawyer and vet come to mind—not words like underbody tool box, gas mileage and headache rack. But that’s the lingo you’re going to have to learn if you want to tap into Canada’s fastest growing job market: truck driving! Now it’s not that so many more trucks are being added to every fleet, it is more that truck drivers are retiring, and nobody is stepping in to take their place. Companies are desperate for new drivers, so it’s time to think about whether or not this career might be suitable for you.

The Freedom

Let’s talk perks: yes, it’s a job, but this is the most un-job job you will ever have. Sure you hitch up, plan your route, and do a whole bunch of more complicated tasks. But when you’re driving? You’ve got the freedom to daydream, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, music, chat on a headset with a friend, or just enjoy all the beautiful landscape passing you by. Not a fan of the rat-race? Then this just might be perfect for you.

The Learning Process

Sound like the dream? Well, off to school with you. Driving school, that is, to learn the lingo I mentioned before. Gas mileage? Easy! That’s how much gas is required to push your truck forward a certain distance. Headache rack? A protective barrier between the load you are carrying and the cab of your truck. Underbody tool box? A tool box that is carried below the bed of the truck. Soon, you’ll have all the terminology under your belt, and you’ll have to pass a knowledge test. Once you’ve aced this test, you also need to practise driving an actual truck so you can obtain a commercial driver’s license.

A common question is whether or not you have to own your own transport truck. The answer is … absolutely not. Usually the company provides this for you.


Job Security

But in addition to the tangible trappings of the job, becoming a trucker provides something that is much more elusive in today’s job market—even rarer than headache racks and underbody tool boxes—and that is job security. Once you start working for one of these companies they will not want to let you go, especially after you get good. This is a sure-fire way to know what you’ll be doing every day  — rain or shine, you’ll be heading towards that horizon and bringing back a paycheque.


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