Five Semi Truck Accessories You Absolutely Need

Five Semi Truck Accessories You Absolutely Need

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Andreanne Lafleur


Some semi-truck accessories are pretty self-explanatory. You think about life on the road, and imagine yourself eating up kilometres and listening to a podcast. You clearly need some good speakers. Then you picture yourself at a truck stop, using the wifi and having a meal. Computer and fridge. Check. What’s next? Getting home safe and in one piece thanks to your up-to-date tools and top-notch safety procedures.  Check. And while all this may be obvious, here are some semi-truck accessories that can definitely qualify as life hacks.

  1. Flip flops

    You read that correctly. And no, we aren’t saying you need to wear sandals to cruise across the country, we’re saying you need them for your truck stop showers. Seriously. Of all your semi-truck accessories, this is the most likely to prevent a fungal infection.

  2. Phone holder

    It is illegal to hold your phone while driving. You certainly don’t ever want to get pulled over and sully your driving record. And yet, with so many podcasts to listen to, songs to sing, and maps to look up, you will need to touch your phone screen once in awhile. Enter the phone holder, the best way to make sure you’re hands-free—and connected!

  3. Extra sunglasses

    You took them off to take a shower in the super glamourous truckstop shower, put on your flip flops, had your shower, and then forgot them. So long, sunglasses, hello, helluva hard ride. A backup pair of sunglasses can definitely save you a headache or two when you’re driving along a country road, right into the sunset, and your visors just aren’t cutting it.

  4. Leather gloves

    When you imagine trucking and your hands, you may think about where you put your hands most, which is the steering wheel. You may already have a fuzzy and soft steering wheel cover—the most coveted of all truck accessories—so you think gloves are not necessary. But 80% of the labour of trucking happens when you hitch and unhitch, load up, fix problems, and generally maintain your vehicle. And for all of these tasks, you’ll find good, sturdy gloves to be indispensable.

  5. Be prepared for all weather and all whatever

    “Look”, you may be thinking. “I already look like a clown in my flip flops and leather gloves, what are you going to throw at me next?” Well think about it: having a change of clothes is essential for any climate you may encounter just beyond the next bend. But it is also important to think of emergency supplies such as a source of heat and shelter, as well as a first aid kit, in the event that you break down in the middle of nowhere.

On that cheery note, get yourself to the closest store and stock up on all the semi-truck accessories that will make your trucking life that much easier… and that much more fashionable.

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