4 Semi Truck Accessories Every Trucker Needs

4 Semi Truck Accessories Every Trucker Needs

Last Updated on January 10, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

When all your semi-truck accessories are packed and ready to go, you can embark on any trucking journey with your head held high because you know that the hardest part is already taken care of. Because let’s admit, the hardest part of trucking is the loading up, organizing, planning and packing, not the driving itself. And with your accessories all organized and packed, you’ve got a ready-made insurance plan for any mishap that may befall you on the road. So plan ahead, and breeze through your upcoming journeys like a pro!

  1. Reflective Safety Vest

    A reflective safety vest could literally save your life. If one day you find yourself stalled on the side of the highway, in the dark, and have to walk around your truck or look under it to assess potential problems, you’ll be very happy to have it. The same goes for stopping at a dark terminal, where people may be careening in and out without much thought to their surroundings.

  2. A CB Radio

    An excellent way to communicate with other truck drivers within a certain radius (usually a few kilometres), a CB Radio allows you to tune in to the same channel to share information about your whereabouts, as well as potential hazards ahead or weather concerns. This is one of the very important semi truck accessories for drivers who may be heading down less frequented roads, such as logging roads. The radio allows you to alert other drivers of your presence, ensuring no head-on collisions happen on narrow ways.

  3. Portable Toilet

    Have you ever heard of a trucker bomb? This less than savoury bit of trash is known as such because it is the result of a trucker relieving himself into an empty bottle and throwing it out the window. Not the most pleasant image, I know. And the relative frequency of these “bombs” have led different American states to pass special litter laws that multiply fines tenfold for these bottles. The solution? Get a portapotty! You never know when this strange truck accessory will come in handy. Maybe there will be a ten hour traffic jam, or maybe you just don’t want to wait at the rest stop. Either way, trust your semi truck accessories expert on this one!

  4. Emergency Kit(s)

    I know, what could be more of an emergency than emptying your bladder? Well there are situations in which you could get cuts, scrapes, or worse. There are times when you may lose your wallet or your windshield gets so dirty you can’t see anything. In cases like this you’ll be grateful for little emergency items that go a long way, like a First Aid Kit, some baby wipes, glass cleaner, and, most important of all, a stash of hidden cash that can buy you enough fuel to get to your next destination.

As a trucker, you’re always learning more and perfecting your game. Stay ahead of the curve with these tips and stock up on these accessories to make sure your job goes smoothly and you avoid any unnecessary, er, bombs!

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