Three Tips to Help Truckers Drive Safely During Winter

Three Tips to Help Truckers Drive Safely During Winter

Last Updated on January 25, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

A bit of common sense, a bit of slowing down, and a few extra accessories stashed away in your custom tool boxes – that’s all you need to stay safe, warm, and on time when trucking in the winter. I’m talking about those intrepid folks who brave mountain passes in British Colombia coated in black ice, those who drive to their Newfoundland destination only to find the rows of houses almost completely buried in snow, and those whose Prairie drives leave them wondering if there will ever be an end to the sea of white. As the saying goes, winter is there, so here’s how to stay prepared.

  1. Prepare, and then prepare some more


    On any trip, you need to read Mother Nature’s mind and take note of the weather forecast for every spot you’re going to be, as well as potential truck stops along the way and places to fuel up. Give yourself lots of extra time to get to places. You should also start off on the right foot: remove all snow from your vehicle, especially the hood, trailers, and anything you may be carrying, such as your custom tool box. Then check levels of all fluids, especially window washer fluid, and ensure your gas tank is full. Lastly, clean your lights! It is very important for other drivers to be able to see you.

  3. Have all your usual equipment… and then some


    You’re always prepared for any eventuality when you’re trucking… right? What about breaking down in -20 degree weather? Make sure that on top of your regular emergency supplies you have a battery-operated heater, a first aid kit, some gel heating packs and a few wool blankets. If you’re feeling very adventurous you may want to include some fire starters. In your custom aluminum tool box, you’ll want to stash some jumper cables, perhaps an ice pick, tire chains or traction mats, scrapers, and a bag of salt.

  5. Drive differently


    There’s a reason no road-trip songs exist about winter driving. It requires a completely different skillset than summer driving, one that doesn’t leave much time for humming a tune. You’ve got to be way more alert. You could have all the traction mats in the world stashed in your semi-truck custom tool box and it still won’t help you if you catch a sheet of black ice and find yourself careening off the road. So drive slowly, carefully, and be aware of how close you are to other vehicles. Watch for black ice, and never, ever stop on the side of the road. Other drivers may run into you.  

In conclusion, winter trucking is not for the faint of heart. But if you make sure to follow the above tips and tricks, you’ll be the proud one showing up on time, warm, safe, and with newfound confidence in your skills.

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