How Telematic Semi Truck Accessories are Transforming Trucking

How Telematic Semi Truck Accessories are Transforming Trucking

Last Updated on February 11, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

Many believe the future of trucking lies in properly leveraging telematics semi truck accessories. Upon hearing the word telematics, your brain may turn to mush: “tele…what?” you mumble to yourself.

So what do these systems do? In short, telematics allow you to monitor and collect data about the truck in question, to get a better appraisal of the performance of this truck or driver individually, and also to spot the overall trends and highs/lows of your entire fleet of trucks. This ongoing data collection inevitably lends your fleet a competitive advantage: problems are quickly identified and solved, poor drivers rooted out or improved, and you can move forward with a clear vision of where you need to go.

A semi truck accessory allowing truck company owners to monitor their drivers’ behaviour? Pretty great deal! Fleet managers now have the chance to see if their drivers are driving consistently, or if they are exhibiting any dangerous behaviours. This is essential to identifying who is most likely to cause a crash, and provide them with extra training and/or disciplinary action. Truck crashes are by far the most costly and dangerous events that a truck company has to deal with. Avoiding these damages at all costs is a priority, with telematics helping to pave the way.

Imagine knowing which of your trucks is going to have problems even before the most seasoned driver has a chance to pick up on it? Telematics vehicle diagnostics are one of the most exciting semi truck accessories to come to Canada and the US in a long time. Engine data is sent to the fleet manager, who can schedule preventative maintenance for your truck. This ensures that you don’t find yourself somewhere along the Alaska Highway trying to keep warm in a broken down truck next to a friendly herd of buffalo… you get the picture. Preventative maintenance is always better than finding yourself stranded.

On Time Delivery

Being able to track an entire fleet means also being able to optimize routes and predict delivery times with greater accuracy. This lends your trucking company a competitive edge, because customers feel like they can depend on you, and they always receive notification of your eta and any schedule changes due to weather or other factors. This GPS technology is an essential semi truck accessory for companies in Canada and in the US as it also allows fleet managers to track any cargo or trailer in the event of theft or damage.

Simply knowing that they are equipped with this technology makes drivers more vigilant, and their self-monitoring goes a long way in improving their driving. So although truck data clearly benefits those higher up in the company, the drivers themselves are making their jobs safer by the day. What’s more, insurance prices drop dramatically when your likelihood of an accident goes down. Telematics are truly a no-brainer!

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