Get Your Rig Ready for Summer and How Your Underbody Tool Box Can Help

Get Your Rig Ready for Summer and How Your Underbody Tool Box Can Help

Last Updated on June 30, 2021 by Andreanne Lafleur

In the blazing sun of July, you may feel relaxed, peaceful, and inclined to believe that caution, that thing you practiced all winter and spring, can be safely stored in your underbody tool box along with your rubber mats, heaters, extra blankets and more. Yes, summer trucking may seem like a breeze. But become too cavalier about summer driving and you could wake up sunburnt, poor, and wondering where your tires went.

Stash Ten Sunscreens in Your Underbody Tool box

Everyone knows what trucker’s arm looks like- the rest of you is eerily pale and your left arm is bright red and hurting. Do yourself a favour and apply some sunscreen. If trucking is your career, these sunburns can add up to one generous helping of skin cancer down the line. Best to be prepared. If you’re someone who stops frequently, or actually, if you’re a human with skin, applying it on your face can never hurt, either!

Beware of Over-Inflation

You don’t have to call your bank to understand this section because we are talking about your tires and not the economy. As weather reaches scorching temperatures, air pressure increases and air expands (think of the inverse- flat tires in winter). So make sure to keep your tires cool, as overheating causes the air to expand and can cause your tires to burst. The best way is to stop periodically to let your tires cool off, especially if the roads are so hot they are causing the rubber to wear faster on the outside of the tires, too. So unless you don’t want to stuff your aluminum underbody tool box full of a dozen spares, be vigilant.

Share the Road

Summer is a busy time. Families are going to their cottages, and construction workers can be seen everywhere. Stay alert in order to slow down in a timely manner, and make sure you are leaving ample room between you and all the cars packed with happy kids. The lone-wolf days of winter are over, and just because you have the biggest underbody tool box doesn’t mean you are the de-facto King of the Road. So slow down, pay attention, and don’t let that summer sun lull you into being lazy. What’s more, fines double in areas full of construction workers. So unless you want to be emptying your pockets over something so silly, hit that brake.

Summer trucking brings its own set of challenges, and although you can’t have underbody tool boxes that doubles as a cold beer fridge, you can certainly make sure to follow the above guidelines to ensure maximum health, safety and comfort, both for yourself and others.

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