Can Semi Truck Accessories Help in Extreme Temperatures?

Can Semi Truck Accessories Help in Extreme Temperatures?

Last Updated on July 2, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

We humans have a narrow temperature range in which we are comfortable. A few degrees too hot or too cold and we get distracted, and our performance plummets. It is therefore important, especially when trucking, to ensure that comfort is maintained not only for peace of mind, but for the integrity of the trip. With the right semi truck accessories, the right frame of mind, and the right knowledge of the risks, you are guaranteed a pleasant trip, come hell, high water, or a deep freeze.

  1. Semi Truck Cab Accessories that Make a Difference

    Whether you’re driving in extreme hot or extreme cold weather, you’ll want the cab of your truck to be comfortable. So when we talk truck accessories, we’re not talking about a aluminum tool box or a headache rack, but rather the small semi truck accessories that can be found near you at all times and keep you happy. Think, for example, of a blanket, a heater, or rubber mats for that cold, snowy weather, and then think sunscreen, water, and sunglasses for the heat waves. Not all heroes wear capes, and accessories don’t need to be expensive or big to make a huge difference in your well-being.

  2. Keep Your Truck Tuned Up

    Now you may be thinking “I’ve got the correct semi truck accessories near me at all times, I’m ready for whatever comes”. This is true, in part, but you also need to make sure your rig is primed for the type of extreme weather you’ll be facing. For example, if it is extremely hot, you’ll want to periodically check your break pads, because the extreme heat can cause them to become frictionless. In addition, hot weather means making sure your cooling system has enough water and antifreeze. Overheating, in the worst cases, can cause a fire. And lastly, periodically check your tire pressure in hot weather about every two hours, as proper tire pressure can ensure you won’t suddenly get a blown-out tire mid-journey. Not limited to hot weather however, tire pressure during cold weather is equally important as the pressure will be lower in colder places.

  3. Know the Risks on the Road

    Weather extremes lead to radically different road conditions. For example, extreme muggy and humid weather can cause various mirages to appear on the road, and the heat means that people are on the highway in droves driving to-and-from their summer cottages and generally enjoying their summer vacations. In both the warmest and coldest weather, it is wisest to keep an even greater distance between you and the other vehicles. This is because, as mentioned, hot weather can make your brakes less effective, and cold weather means risk of slippage and black ice. What’s more, storms and fog mean obscured vision, as well as slippery roads.

If you are mindful of how both hot and cold weather carry a kind of twin risk, you will be able to be prepared for both. Just make sure all your semi truck accessories are up to date, your driving methods are safe, and your cab is a comfortable haven. Trebor Manufacturing is proud to be serving dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck parts dealers, across North America. Please feel free to call us, contact us or request a quote in regards to any of our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxessemi headache rackscustom semi-truck accessories and other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds.