Flatbed Tool Boxes: 4 Different Options

Flatbed Tool Boxes: 4 Different Options

Last Updated on November 24, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

To all you truckers out there, there are endless ways to improving your road trips. We bet that the experienced drivers, over time, have improved their routines and equipment to better meet their needs. But for an up and coming driver who is just beginning to find their bearings, what kind of helpful advice would you offer them? Perhaps: drive slowly in winter, avoid sunburns in summer, and, above all, think carefully when comparing flatbed tool boxes to decide which one is best for your truck? If so, how about sending them over here to Trebor Manufacturing’s tool box page? But first, here’s a run-down on our different types of tool boxes, so every trucker can understand the many options available to choose from:

Underbody Tool Box

Underbody tool boxes are meant to be mounted on the side of your truck frame, under or on your flatbed. They come in whatever size and finish you need, and you can choose which way the door (or doors) opens. If you want to keep your truck tool box looking spiffy, a diamond plate (checker plate) finish will help hide the wear and tear that develops over time. In contrast, a smooth aluminum underbody truck box is the most durable, and distinctive, of our underbody tool boxes. While you can select a box with an aluminum door, we also offer a smooth aluminum underbody truck box with a stainless steel mirror door. Why not go one step further and customize your box with dividers, shelves and drawers? Underbody tool boxes are truly the perfect tool box for drivers who need to maximize their space.

Top Lid Tool Box

Made for chains, straps and binders, these tool boxes, as their name suggests, open on top. They’re the gold standard for providing easy access to this equipment. You can rest assured that you’re getting top-of-the-line quality when you choose these heavy-duty truck tool boxes for storing your gear. They’re particularly useful for carrying equipment for hitching and unhitching, including crowbars and lift jacks. Like every one of our flatbed truck tool boxes, this type comes in a diamond plate (checker plate) finish for optimal weather resistance or a smooth finish for a sleek, streamlined look. Regardless of which style you select, you’ll enjoy maximum durability thanks to 1/8” thick walls.

Cross Frame Tool Box

Although they may appear intimidating, cross frame tool boxes are as handy as they come. This rail-mounted design allows you to store items efficiently thanks to the multitude of customizable options available to each driver. This type of box is meant to be installed in the front of your flatbed headboard or on the flatbed itself. Like all our truck tool boxes, they’re rust-proof and water resistant. These boxes are also fully customizable—right down to the direction in which the box door opens!

Battery Box

You’re nothing without a functioning battery, which is why Trebor makes truck tool boxes specifically designed for spares. Depending on your needs, you can store 2-4 batteries with a side-frame model. We also offer a between-frame model that holds up to 2 batteries and comes with 2 possible door options: econo (perfect if you don’t need frequent access to your battery box) and HD (our heavy-duty option that facilitates access to your batteries). Like all our heavy-duty tool boxes, our battery boxes are also customizable.

Here at Trebor, we appreciate that durability and weight are key factors for heavy-duty trucking equipment. You’ll be happy to know that all our flatbed tool boxes are made of aluminum: no steel here! Sure, steel tool boxes are powder coated to create a corrosion-resistant outer layer. However, if that protective powder coated exterior wears away, you’ll be left with a tool box that is susceptible to corrosion. Check out our blog post to learn more about the many reasons to choose an aluminum tool box over a steel one.

Your wisdom will appear boundless when you tell the next generation of truckers about how custom tool boxes for flatbeds can truly be a game changer. Who knows—by perusing Trebor’s website, you may even learn a thing or two yourself!

Trebor Manufacturing is proud to serve dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck part dealers across North America. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote for any of our semi-truck accessories, including aluminum tool boxes (such as underbody tool boxes), semi headache racks, custom headache racks or any other products such as dump bodies or flatbeds. If you’re shopping for an underbody tool box, you’ll definitely want to check out our interactive tool, where you can choose from all the options we’ve described above to build your own custom tool box. At Trebor Manufacturing, we offer a fast turnaround time and top-quality products to help you hit the road in style safely!