The Best Truck Tool Box: the Underbody Tool Box

The Best Truck Tool Box: the Underbody Tool Box

Last Updated on August 26, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

Also known as “underbed tool box”, the underbody tool box is by far the most popular and best tool box available. There are many reasons why so many customers consider this box as the most reliable, efficient, and high-performing of all aluminum tool boxes. While many customers use the underbody truck tool boxes to store chains and binders, others use Trebor’s toolbox customization tool to create the exact storage they need for their business.

Still not convinced it’s your best option? Here are 3 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Trebor’s underbody box.

  1. Easy to access

    Have you ever calculated the number of times you jump on and off your truck in one day? Whether its in the cabin or the back of your truck, your employees spend a lot of time carrying and storing equipment. Now, imagine if your tool box was a step away from your driver’s seat and it would contain the gear that you use the most every day. Instead of getting off your truck and climbing to the back where many people put their tool boxes, you’d reduce the time and energy spent just to get to your materials. Not only you’ll save time and energy, you’ll also save money!

  2. Easy to customize

    With Trebor’s toolbox customization tool, it’s now easier than ever to customize underbody tool boxes. You’ll get to design a box that will fit your truck and your needs.

    Here are all the elements you can choose from:
    – Dimensions
    – Door (single or double)
    – Door finish and handle option
    – Storage option (shelves, drawers, hooks, rack, etc.)
    – Bracket options

    And if you need some extra options not offered in our underbody tool box customization tool, add it in the comment section and our experts will come up with a solution.

  3. Leaves space for cargo

    Another reason the aluminum underbody tool box is so popular in the trucking industry is because it doesn’t take up extra space needed for cargo. By installing this type of tool box underneath the truck bed, just behind the cab and in front of the back tires, you’ll use untapped space, which is an issue for many.

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