Five tips for a new truck driver

Five tips for a new truck driver

Last Updated on September 19, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

Being a new truck driver might feel like being a new parent: every single person is trying to give you advice on how to take care of your “baby” and be safe with it. “Don’t drive too fast”, or “get semi-truck accessories (like a semi headache rack)” or “make sure you’re not falling asleep while driving”.

You’ve probably heard them all, but just like we tend to do with kids, some of this advice needs to be repeated because they’re actually quite important. So, here are five important things, amongst many, a new truck driver should know before his first ride.

  1. Your safety is your responsibility

    You are responsible for your own safety, so don’t be afraid to say no and to ask for truck accessories that will improve your protection. If you are asked to do overtime or to do something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. If you feel like your truck lacks accessories that will make you feel safer, ask for them. A custom semi headache rack is a great example of an accessory you can request from your boss.

  2. Set long term goals

    While an aluminum headache rack will make you safer right away, you also need to think long term. Driving a truck can get lonely and you can sometimes get discouraged. Think of the house you want to buy with the money you’re earning or the financial independence you want to gain with this job. It will help you get through harder days.

  3. You will have to earn your stripes

    You’re a rookie. And just like in most jobs, you’ll have to start with the tougher parts. Experienced drivers will get the easier jobs while you’ll get stuck with harder ones. Don’t worry, your time will come as well.

  4. Learn, learn and learn

    The first year might feel a bit chaotic, but after your first 12 months, you’ll feel much better. So don’t give up, it will get easier. If you get by that first year without an accident, feel free to pop a bottle of Champagne!

  5. Find a mentor

    You’ve seen how a veteran often mentors a rookie in team sports. It shouldn’t be different in the trucking industry. We are giving you advice here about aluminum headache racks, setting long term goals, but there is nothing like finding a mentor that can give you some advice and help you out when things get messy. He’s probably gone through a lot of things and his experience will really be helpful.

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