Enclosed headache rack vs closet headache rack: the 3 main differences

Enclosed headache rack vs closet headache rack: the 3 main differences

Last Updated on June 28, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

When it comes to improving security and adding storage, the headache rack is THE go-to solution for any truck driver or owner.

The enclosed headache rack for semi trucks is one of the four headache rack options available at Trebor Manufacturing and often times, it’s the number one choice for many of our customers.

Here is how the enclosed headache rack compares to the closet headache rack. Both offer great benefits, but you’ll see why the enclosed headache rack for semi ends up on the winning side more often.

  1. The door

    The first major difference between the two racks is the door options. The closet headache rack essentially offers one option, which is the one that opens from the bottom up, like a SUV’s trunk for example.

    The enclosed headache rack offers several options. You can choose to have:

    – 1 door at the center
    – 2 doors, one on each side
    – 3 doors for maximum storage

    You can also choose whether you want your doors to open from left to right or vice versa.

  2. The enclosed headache rack with window opening

    As its name suggests, a semi truck headache rack provides you and your cab with protection. However, your headache rack might prevent you from seeing what you’re carrying at the back, which can be problematic for some drivers.

    If the closet headache rack cannot provide you with a solution to this concern, the enclosed headache rack can! You can choose the 2-door model with a door on the left and the other on the right, and at the center, a clear space to see “through” your headache rack. The window’s protection can be increased with bars or a grill, which is very useful for trucks carrying smaller objects.

  3. Storage space available

    Another difference between both racks is the type of space offered. The closet headache rack provides more of a bigger “see it all at once” kind of space, which you can obviously customize as you wish with adjustable shelves and chain racks.

    On the flip side, the enclosed headache rack for semi provides smaller and more defined storage space thanks to its 2-door and 3-door models. Just like every other rack, the storage options can be customized to meet all your needs.

As for the other options, you can pretty much get the same things for both racks. If you wish to have an enclosed headache rack with lights, feel free to go for it! You want a rack with drom decks? A smooth plain finish? Whatever you need, your Trebor Manufacturing specialist’s got you covered!

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