How to Organize a Tool Box: 4 Tips You Will Find Very Useful

How to Organize a Tool Box: 4 Tips You Will Find Very Useful

Last Updated on December 19, 2019 by Andreanne Lafleur

Adequate storage is essential to the daily operations of a truck driver. Whether you have an aluminum tool box or one made out of steel, such an asset will allow you to improve your productivity and efficiency at work. And by productivity, we mean less wasted time, which will improve your income.

To make the best use of your truck equipment, your box must be organized. You can have the best and biggest heavy duty box in town but if your box is not organized, you may have issues with it.

Here are 4 tips you will love!

  1. How to organize your equipment in layers

    If you need more space and would like to create some, you can try to maximize the space in your truck box by creating layers. You can do this by using shelving, drawers or separators. Here is our suggestion: think about the tools you most often use and make sure they don’t end up at the back or at the very bottom.

  2. Mark out specific areas

    It might sound quite basic, but your fluids should all be packed in the same place. Is there anything more annoying than a leaking container that gets your gear wet? Create common areas for specific types of equipment and liquids. Make sure that every section is separated by some sort of divider or compartment.

    Here’s another idea: in some of the compartments with smaller equipment, use canvas bags.  It will make your life easier.

  3. Buy foam

    Have you ever thought that foam could actually be a cheap, efficient way of creating separate zones in your tool box? You bet ya!

    You might wonder where to buy foam? It doesn’t have to be specifically made for trucks so you can buy some at any construction and hardware store nearby. All you need is foam placed in strategic areas to separate the various items that could damage each other in transit and Bingo! Your gear’s life expectancy has just doubled.

  4. Ask your Trebor expert about different storage options

    Trust us, we’ve been in the accessories for semi trucks business since 1985! We know our stuff. We’ve seen the good and the bad. Feel free to ask your Trebor expert about how to organize your semi truck truck box and he’ll give you the best advice for your needs.

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