Why Trebor Manufacturing is a great choice for accessories for your Freightliner, Hino or any other make of Semi-Truck

Why Trebor Manufacturing is a great choice for accessories for your Freightliner, Hino or any other make of Semi-Truck

Last Updated on May 20, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

When it comes to semi truck accessories, Trebor Manufacturing is your number one choice. Your truck is such a big investment that you can’t really skimp on quality. With that in mind, it’s important to have full confidence in who you work with.

Since 1985, Trebor Manufacturing has been ensuring that truck owners and businesses across North America get the best semi truck accessories with our products and services.

Here are the six main reasons why should trust Trebor Manufacturing for all your semi truck accessory needs.

  1. Product quality

    At Trebor Manufacturing, we only use 1/8” thick aluminum to build your semi-truck accessories. When you enhance your truck with accessories like tool boxes or other types of product, you want your accessories to be strong, light, fuel efficient and long-lasting. That’s what you’ll get with that type of aluminum. Adding to that, aluminum is an anti-corrosive, so you won’t have to worry about rust and aluminum requires less maintenance.

  2. We build what you need

    We understand that everyone has different needs, and that’s why we offer endless possibilities when it comes to customization. Trebor can customize anything to meet your unique needs and help you to maximize your investment. Dimensions, finish, handle, storage space, shelves, drawers, separators, chain racks, hooks—whatever you need, we’ve got it covered. Check out Trebor’s custom underbody tool box interactive tool and design your own tool box now!


  3. Fast delivery

    Do you have a special job to do in the upcoming weeks with your trucks that would require specific semi-truck accessories? Did you forget about adding accessories to your truck and you need them fast? No problem, we are your solution. When you order semi-truck accessories at Trebor, you can be assured you’ll get it faster than anywhere else. We take pride in delivering quicker than our competitors. We’ll deliver in a matter of days, not weeks because we know that you can’t always plan your needs months in advance.

  4. Knowledge and Skills

    Our specialists have the knowledge and the skills to deliver a product that will meet your exact needs. Whether you specifically know what you want or whether you have no idea how to materialize what you need, our specialists will guide you in the process of developing the semi-truck accessories you need for the job you are doing. Custom aluminum tool boxescustom headache rackstruck steps and ladders, whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

    If you want to see some of our semi truck accessories and other accomplishments, visit our Accomplishments’ page on our website. You’ll see for yourself the level of skill our specialists have in developing the right accessories for our clients.

  5. Experience

    When it comes to investing in your truck, you’ll want to rely on people with experience. Trebor Manufacturing has been in the business of manufacturing truck equipment and accessories for over 35 years. Since 1985, we’ve seen the evolution of trucks, of businesses, of rules and laws, and of the market across Canada and the United States. We know what it takes to be successful in this business. We are also proud members of the AETC and NDTA, and have a safety certificate from the ministry of transport (Transport Canada).

  6. Product variety

    Many truck owners and businesses come to us for custom aluminum tool boxes, but we can also provide a full range of standard semi truck accessories, including headache racks, trailer bulkheads, truck steps, ladders, flatbeds, dump bodies and much more! Stop wasting your time while dealing with different shops for different products: Trebor is your one stop shop if you want to fully equip your semi truck.
Semi Headache Rack
Aluminum Tool Box
Trailer Bulkhead

And there you have it! Now you know when it comes to finding the perfect semi truck accessories, Trebor Manufacturing is the best in North America. With a wide variety of high quality products, delivered quickly right to your door, as well as skilled specialists and over 35 years of experience, Trebor has it all.

Trebor Manufacturing is proud to serve dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck part dealers across North America. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote regarding all our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxes, such as underbody tool box(es), semi headache rackscustom headache racks or any other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds. You might also want to try out our interactive tool and build your own custom tool box.