How to Make a Headache Rack for a Semi Truck That Lasts

How to Make a Headache Rack for a Semi Truck That Lasts

Last Updated on September 29, 2020 by Bridge Media Dev

As you may already know, we love semi headache racks. Headache racks are an indispensable piece of equipment that can not only provide additional storage, but also save your life. It provides a barrier between you and your load that prevents objects from the trailer being launched forward into your cab in the event you need to come to a sudden stop. Given how important this accessory can be, it’s important to ensure that yours is of the best quality.

While it seems like a simple accessory that anyone could build, if you were to design and build your own that’s sturdy and protective, it would require strong 0.125-inch aluminum sheets, welding equipment, strong ingenuity skills and heavy duty fabrication equipment. That’s why, when it comes to heavy duty semi-truck equipment, it’s often best to leave it to the pros.

That’s where we come in! At Trebor Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in our rigorous design and manufacturing processes. We use patented methods that set us apart from other manufacturers, taking care in producing high quality products. Constructed in ⅛” aluminum sheeting and other heavy duty materials, our headache racks are durable, rust-proof and fully weather-proof. In addition, because the materials are so lightweight, our headache racks are fuel-efficient meaning they’ll save you money in the long run.

We understand that every trucker has unique needs, which is why we can build you just about any type of headache rack you could want. Need extra storage, shelves, or chain racks? We can make that happen. We also offer a variety of styles, including two and three door headache racks. It can be as simple as a standard headache rack or as complex as an enclosed headache rack, there’s something for everyone at Trebor.

Now that you know a little bit more about us, let’s dive into how we build our aluminum headache racks.

1. Design

The design process starts with you! We take your specifications of exactly what you’re looking for and our experienced technical draftsmen turn it into a detailed 3D image with all the specs. We break it down from the big picture details like size, right down to the finishing touches like the handles and other accessories.

2. Manufacturing

Once you’re happy with the design, we get to work making your dream a reality. Your headache rack goes through a complete production line with many micro steps. We take care of cutting the aluminum panels, welding it to create the body, and adding the final finishing touches. When we’ve finished constructing your piece, we send it through a very fine quality assurance inspection to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

3. Shipping

To make sure your custom headache rack makes it to you quickly and in perfect condition, we don’t cut corners when it comes to shipping. We’re proud to offer the best turnaround times for production and shipping, and quality service right where you need it.

When it comes to quality aluminum headache racks, Trebor Manufacturing has your back. We care about our customers, and want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their money. With a lightweight and durable Trebor headache rack, you’re sure to have a top notch piece of equipment that will protect you and your wallet for years to come.

About Trebor Manufacturing

Trebor Manufacturing is proud to serve dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck part dealers across North America. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote regarding all of our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxes, such as underbody tool box(es), semi headache racks, custom headache racks or any other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds. You might also want to try out our interactive tool and build your own custom tool box.