Custom Aluminium Tool Boxes Ideas : Photo Gallery

Custom Aluminium Tool Boxes Ideas : Photo Gallery

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Top 5 Advantages to Customizing your Aluminum Toolbox

At Trebor Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on constantly improving what’s already out there and designing new custom toolboxes as well as producing all of the standard sizes found on the market today. Since 1985, we’ve manufactured high-quality aluminum equipment and accessories for semi-trucks and trailers, and we believe that our customers deserve better than the one-size-fits-all model. In fact, they demand it! That’s why we offer customization on all our aluminum toolboxes.

With Trebor Manufacturing tailor-made toolboxes you get exactly the style and sizing you need for your semi-truck. When you spend days or weeks on the road, and the demands of the job require specialized tools and equipment, knowing you can adapt your toolbox to your own specifications, makes living on the road—and getting the job done well—much easier. Check out the range of custom options we offer on our aluminum toolboxes page.

As a truck driver, maybe you’re doing “drop and hook” or live loading and unloading. Whatever the demands placed on you, you adhere to a tight schedule and need your truck and equipment to see you through. If you can’t find your equipment when you want it, or if something breaks down and you must stop and repair it, the more time you spend not driving, the more you risk not reaching your designated stop at the allotted time. Other things such as traffic, an accident, police checkpoints, can slow you down, but at least there are some things in your control. And one of those things is your toolbox.

Whether you need a toolbox for chains, binders, hitch balls, crowbars, lift jacks or straps, or you need it for personal equipment, it’s important to have options and features that help you feel secure and ready to meet daily challenges that come up along the way. All our semi-truck aluminum toolboxes have several custom options and come in a range of sizes to fit all your needs.

Looking for a custom finish? Trebor Manufacturing offers diamond plate, smooth, plain or stainless-steel mirror doors depending on your preference. And for toolbox parts and features, we offer the industry’s best quality stainless steel hinges, lightweight aluminum body and doors, and anti-theft locking mechanisms to ensure the durability and safety of your toolbox.

Here are the top 5 advantages to customizing your aluminum toolbox:

  1. Saves time: If your tools are lost in your truck somewhere then you waste time looking for them. Having them safe and secure in your aluminum toolbox will allow you to grab them straight away and not lose a moment before you’re back on the road again.
  2. Improved work efficiency: When you have the tools that you need to do the job, your work benefits and you’re more efficient as a result.
  3. Keeps tools dry: All our aluminum toolboxes stand up against the range of extreme weather you may come across on any given trip. Quality tools and equipment are expensive, so placing them in your custom box will ensure that they keep dry and don’t rust or erode prematurely.
  4. Saves money: As we all know, storing your tools safely and securely where they can’t be stolen, and where they’ll maintain their longevity will in the long run save money with fewer replacements.
  5. Make it your own:  Build your custom aluminum toolbox using our interactive tool. Consider how you use your truck, and what you may need to store most often in the toolbox. Take the time to properly measure the space at your disposal and be careful of any part of your truck that may block the toolbox door.

Trebor Manufacturing, a leader in custom semi-truck accessories, delivers high-quality toolboxes promptly once you choose your specifications and place your order. The sooner you work out all that you need in your toolbox the quicker you’ll be able to install it and get behind the wheel of your big rig and back on the road. Contact us for a free quote for your custom semi-truck toolbox today.


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