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Aluminum Tool Boxes

Aluminum Tool Boxes

Our Tool Boxes Are Built To Last!

What sets us apart at Trebor is our fast turnaround times between an order request and the delivery of our aluminum truck boxes. You can expect your new tool box in a matter of days, not weeks. We know how important that is to our customers.

All our semi-truck tool boxes have multiple custom options and come in custom sizes. You can even draw the truck box you have in mind and we will build it for you. Use our custom interactive form to build your own underbody tool box, or discover Trebor’s standard tool boxes for trailers and ask for custom options.

An important concern about purchasing a truck storage box is its resistance to water and rusting. Trebor aluminum tool boxes are rustproof, light, and properly sealed along all seams and corners for maximum protection. Our compression handles ensures proper door closure and all our lids are reinforced by stainless steel hinges. No water, no rust.

Aluminum truck boxes are designed to endure the wear and tear of a life on the road. Built with 1/8″ aluminum thick material, strong stalnless steel 5″ hinges, strong handles and reinforced lids, nothing compares to Trebor’s aluminum tool boxes.


Underbody tool box plain finish T handle
Underbody Tool Box

Trebor’s underbody tool box is perfect for those who have limited space but still want to maximize efficiency. It is available in a variety of finishes such as checkered, smooth aluminum with simple doors, or, to pack a punch, a smooth box with mirror doors. These heavy-duty boxes can be mounted on the side or under your truck frame.

Trebor Top Cover Aluminum Tool Box
Top Lid Tool Box

A top lid tool box is specifically for binders, straps and chains. As the name suggests, it opens on the top and has lots of storage for your hitching and unhitching equipment. Trebor’s model is designed for maximum durability, with 1/8” thick steel sides.


In frame
In-frame Tool Box

In-frame toolboxes can be used for general storage or to store extra batteries. They are great for personal equipment, chains, binders and straps. And they are not only great for storage; these boxes act as a step for you while hitching and unhitching your trailer! Trebor’s design is high quality, with a top lid—attached with a piano hinge for maximum water resistance—and durable aluminum body.

cross frame tool box
Cross Frame Tool Box

Trebor’s cross frame tool box is perfect for extra storage as it is customizable to fit your needs. Extra dividers? No problem. Shelves for trinkets and tools? You can add those too. The aluminum is durable and will keep the weather out, and the rail-mounted design is ideal for extra storage without cramping your style. 

Trebor Step Tool Box
Step Tool Box

Anything that makes climbing onto your truck deck easier is appreciated, right? Your body will thank you! And with the Step Tool Box, Trebor gives you a frame-mounted box that allows you to step onto your deck with ease, while still adding ample storage room for your trucking gear. The aluminum body is weatherproof, and custom sizes are available.

Trebor battery box
Battery Box

No trucker wants to be stranded with a dead battery, so stock up and back up! Trebor’s Battery Box is perfect to store these lifesavers, with a between-frame model and a side-frame model that each have a two-battery capacity. The in-frame model can store four batteries. 

Aluminum tool boxes: built to last

Aluminum is a very durable metal, and yet it is more malleable than steel, which allows it to be shaped with ease. Why is this relevant to a toolbox owner? Because the workability of aluminum means Trebor’s semi truck tool boxes are made in a matter of days after getting the specs, rather than weeks. Aluminum is also lighter than steel, which is good for fuel costs.

Its durability also comes from the fact that aluminum does not become brittle when exposed to low temperatures in the same way that other metals can. So for those whose country is a big giant freezer half of the year—ahem…Canada—this resilience will definitely come in handy during the winter months.

Furthermore, aluminum doesn’t rust, and so truck drivers don’t need to worry about what kind of weather they will potentially encounter because their heavy duty tool box will stay shiny and sleek. All of Trebor’s semi truck tool boxes are sealed along the seams and feature compression handles for maximum weatherproofing. A steel tool box, on the other hand, may be treated for weather resistance, but as soon as this coating chips, the rust will run amok.


Storage and Organization of your semi tool box

You may think that you get your semi tool box, attach it to its designated part of the truck, and voila! Your life is suddenly organized. But hang on. Before you sign a book deal and start setting up your public speaking tour as the King of Organization, you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to divide up and utilize these precious compartments for maximum efficiency.

Some options are to customize with fixed shelves, which Trebor can add in a Standard Tool box at whatever height and depth you need. You can also consider an adjustable shelf on aluminum rails, because let’s face it—some of us like to reorganize every six months or so.

Drawers are another option (think of the ones in a portable semi truck tool box and multiply by ten) as are separators, available in Trebor’s Underbody Toolbox.

Life hack: you can also put your portable aluminum tool box into your truck tool box, so you don’t have loose tools clanging around everywhere. Are you a bit of a DIYer? Weld some tray dividers to keep everything in its place—if you are creative, sky’s the limit!

Now go ahead and sign that book deal.


Making your life easier and saving you money

As mentioned previously, aluminum is lighter than steel, which is important for several reasons: first, installation is a breeze. Secondly, the light weight means less strain on your truck, less fuel costs to transport it, and ultimately fuel and energy savings. And while the price of aluminum and steel are pretty neck and neck, if you consider the longevity of aluminum, coupled with your energy savings due to a lighter load, you’ll quickly see that aluminum definitely works out to be the cheaper option.

What’s more, it is not only fuel costs you are saving—you will have to replace your tires less often, there will be less strain on the engine, and your shocks will be spared. This means that not only does your aluminum tool box last a long time, your truck will, too!

Another reason to get a custom semi truck tool box is to stop wasting time. If your tools are inefficiently stored, you will spend unnecessary time retrieving them for tasks, whereas proper storage allows for quick retrieval and more efficient completion of tasks. Do I need to say it? Time is money! Your tools will also thank you, because proper storage ensures their longevity too, which means fewer replacements needed. Find out more reasons why custom tool boxes can make your business profitable.


Get your custom semi truck aluminum tool box

One of Trebor’s best offerings, other than its fast turnaround time, is arguably its ability to customize any toolbox according to your needs.

Think about it: not every truck driver drives in the same weather, has all the same hiccups, and needs the same equipment. At Trebor, we know that you are the expert where your semi truck is concerned, and you know what equipment you need and how to take care of it. We’re just here to help you translate this expertise into an aluminum tool box that will make your life so much easier.

What’s more, your custom semi truck tool box can be fitted wherever you want! You know what you need and where you need it, and so we’ll make sure it fits. If your wallet is under strain, we’ll help you trim the tool box down into something that still meets your needs but is in line with your budget, too.

Not sure what you need exactly, but you’d like to play around with some different styles, options and designs? Trebor’s interactive tool for Custom Underbody Toolboxes is the perfect tool to help you get a sense of what is possible. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Why you should trust Trebor Manufacturing for your heavy duty tool box

The perks of a custom aluminum tool box have become apparent, but why buy from us? Why go with Trebor? First, Trebor knows about life in North America. This is important because the North American climate is very unique in the world, with temperature ranges that exceed even our own expectations at times. This is why a North American company is preferable. We know to test products for truly cold weather.

What’s more, our 100% North American suppliers ensure only the best quality materials are used. The Canadian dollar in relation to the US dollar means buying from us is definitely easier on the wallet, too! Discover more reasons why you should buy truck accessories in North America.

In business since 1985, Trebor Manufacturing knows how to get the job done, and to a standard unparalleled in the industry.



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