Battery Box

Semi truck storage for your spare batteries

Box Finish | Door Options

Trebor’s between-frame battery box has two possible door options.


This cost effective lid option is perfect if you rarely need access to your extra batteries. The econo sturdy lid is locked with 4 screws and its grip surface is designed for walking securely on the box.

Heavy Duty (HD)

If you need frequent access to your extra batteries, our HD cover option is designed for your battery box. Trebor’s HD battery box comes with an extruded aluminum lid and a top-cover style frame with piano hinges for maximum durability. Its aluminum extrusion flooring has a great grip surface to walk on and knock out to evacuate snow to avoid injuries.

Product Features and Options

Piano Hinges

Piano hinges come with our between-frame HD model and side frame models. These hinges offer robustness and longevity to your battery box because of its length and stainless steel material.

Adjustable lach
Stainless Steel Adjustable-latch Handle

Our HD battery box and our side-frame battery box models comes with a secure adjustable locking mechanism, made out of anti-corrosive, rustproof stainless steel. Adjustable latches are known to be durable and they offer the required protection for your truck equipment.


Trebor’s battery boxes for semi trucks come in handy to store your extra batteries. Offered in 2 heavy duty models, these battery tool boxes will not run your engine down. Our between-frame battery box is tucked into the frame of your semi truck and can hold up to 2 batteries whereas our side-frame battery box is mounted onto the side of the truck and will also hold up to 2 extra batteries.



TRPLBAT281225HD ( for battery 13.5X7X9 ) 

TRPLBAT281225E ( for battery 13.5X7X9 ) 



Trebor square mounting braquets

Square mounting brackets

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