In-frame Tool Box

The perfect multipurpose in-frame storage box

Box Finish | Door Options

If you need frequent access, our HD cover is designed for your battery box. Trebor’s in-frame tool box comes with a checker plate/diamond lid, smooth plain box finish, and a top-cover style frame with piano hinges for maximum durability. Its aluminum extrusion flooring has great grip to walk on and knock out to evacuate snow to avoid injuries.

Product Features and Options

Piano Hinges

Piano hinges come with our in-frame tool box model. These hinges offer robustness and longevity to your storage box because of its length and stainless steel material. Piano hinges is on full length of lid.

Adjustable lach
Stainless Steel Adjustable Latch Handle

Our in-frame tool box comes with a secure adjustable locking mechanism, made out of anti-corrosive, rustproof stainless steel. Adjustable latches are known to be durable, efficient and to offer the required protection for your truck equipment.

Trebor’s in-frame tool boxes are designed with a sturdy aluminum body, a bright checkerplate/diamond tread top-open lid with an adjustable latch locking mechanism that is easily accessible from the back of your semi-truck. A great storage unit for your chains, binders, straps and personal equipment. These tool boxes also allow you to easily step or stand on them when changing trailer connections. Trebor’s aluminum in-frame tool box is built to be robust and light; fully welded on all seams and corners. The stainless steel piano hinges offer the best water protection for your tool box lid. Contact Trebor to get a quote for the best heavy duty in-frame tool box available.


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TR1836P – 24″ X 18″ X 36″ 220 LBS
TR1848P – 24″ X 18″ X 48″ 240 LBS
TR1860P – 24″ X 18″ X 60″ 260 LBS
TR1872P – 24″ X 18″ X 72″ 290 LBS
TR2436P – 24″ X 24″ X 36″ 310 LBS
TR2448P – 24″ X 24″ X 48″ 330 LBS
TR2460P – 24″ X 24″ X 60″ 360 LBS
TR2472P – 24″ X 24″ X 72″ 390 LBS
TR3036P – 24″ X 30″ X 36″ 410 LBS
TR3048P – 24″ X 30″ X 48″ 430 LBS
TR3060P – 24″ X 30″ X 60″ 410 LBS
TR3072P – 24″ X 30″ X 72″ 430 LBS
TR3636P – 24″ X 30″ X 36″ 410 LBS
TR3648P – 24″ X 30″ X 48″ 430 LBS
TR3660P – 24″ X 30″ X60″ 410 LBS
TR3672P – 24″ X 30″ X 72″ 430 LBS

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