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Semi Headache Racks

Ultimate Cab Protection

Protect your semi-truck cab with the best heavy duty semi headache rack, built to outlast any weather condition. Made from sturdy, waterproof aluminum material, Trebor’s headache racks can be tailored specifically to your needs. Trebor builds a variety cab racks and bulkheads for your semi-truck or trailor like enclosed headache racks, logging headache racks, closet headache racks, trailer bulkheads. Your cab guard can be manufactured with rounded corners, doors, windows, stainless steel mirror doors and more. Need a custom size? Find out more about our custom headache racks.


Standard Headache Rack

This standard customizable flat headache rack can be sized and configured to suit your truck’s needs. This type of semi headache rack will provide great protection and will help save on fuel costs.

Headache Rack
Enclosed Headache Rack

The enclosed headache rack will allow you to store more equipment without adding too much weight to your truck. No matter what type of gear or equipment you carry, this semi headache rack will do it all for you.

Logging Headache Rack
Logging Headache Rack

At Trebor Manufacturing, security is a top priority – that’s why we recommend that each logging truck install a logging headache rack to minimize potential risks.

Closet headache rack
Closet Headache Rack

The closet headache rack is engineered to store a lot of equipment while giving you space to manoeuver- this type of semi headache rack has an overhead door that lifts up and multiple storage options.

Why Trebor’s semi head rack should be your #1 choice


All of Trebor’s semi head racks are built with aluminum. Why aluminum over plastic or steel?

  • Malleability – Aluminum is malleable which makes it easy to work with. This ensures a fast order turnaround in order to meet all of your semi head rack needs, and you can say hello to your product a few days after you’ve placed your order.
  • Weight – Aluminum is very light without compromising on strength. No matter how big your semi head rack is, you won’t really need to increase your gas budget.
  • Strength – When temperature drops, aluminum remains strong and tough, which is quite an important feature for people living in Canada and in the northern regions of the United States.
  • Waterproof – You won’t have to worry about rain and snow because aluminum is resistant to corrosion

Find out more about why we love aluminum


Trebor is in the semi-truck and trailer accessories business since 1985. The knowledge and experience acquired throughout the last 30 + years have helped us develop a great understanding of the market’s needs across Canada and in the USA. Trebor has become the #1 choice for many, especially when it comes to semi head rack. Here are more reasons why Trebor Manufacturing is a great choice for your truck accessories.


All of Trebor’s semi head racks are customizable. Whether you’re going for a standard headache rack, an enclosed headache rack, a logging headache rack, or a closet headache rack, the configuration, sizes and storage options can all be customize so that it meets all of your needs.


No matter where you are based in Canada and in the USA, you can probably find a dealer that can order Trebor’s semi head rack for you. You will find them in:

  • Truck and trailer dealers
  • Truck and trailer repair shops
  • Truck and trailer part retailers

Contact these businesses in your area and if they can’t help you, contact Trebor Manufacturing directly. Find out more on where you can buy custom headache racks and custom tool boxes.


Not only does a semi headache rack provide you with storage possibilities, it could also literally save your life. Acting as a barrier between the driver and the load he or she is carrying, the semi headache rack will prevent objects from the back from being launched towards the rear cab window when the semi-truck comes to a sudden stop.

Find our more about how a custom headache rack can save your life.

Trebor Manufacturing is proud to be serving dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business, including truck parts dealers, across North America. Please feel free to call us, contact us or request a quote in regards to any of our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxes, headache racks, custom semi-truck accessories and other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds.

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