Logging Headache Rack

The certified cab guard for the logging industry

Logging Headache Rack Finishes

Choosing the right finish for your new logging headache rack is a matter of taste and style. A checker plate finish will give a shiny look and the wear and tear of the road will be less visible on this type of headache rack. Whereas a plain logging headache rack will have a smooth finish feel and will match any type of truck finish.

Aluminum Checker Plate
Smooth Plain Finish

Product Features and Options

Trebor carries 4 different logging headache rack models for you to choose from.

Logging Headache Rack
Panel, left & right, middle full tube
Full tube in 3 section
Full panel in 3 section

Most logging cab guards come with regular high quality aluminum legs, but Trebor has also developed a new leg model cut at a 45 degree angle to give better clearance when turning so your legs don’t get into the way.

Working Light Brackets

Trebor can add 4 working light brackets to your forestry headache rack. These aluminum light brackets are welded onto the corners of the cab guard and offer the perfect protection for your lights.

Drom Decks

A drom deck in checkerplate/diamond finish is welded to your logging headache rack and acts as an extra walking surface, a useful working space and an ideal area for adding storage. Standard drom decks sizes vary from 18” to 24” deep and can be customized to your requirements. Corners can be tailored to a 45 or 90 degree angle for accessibility or esthetic appeal. You may also wish to include a step tool box or frame mounted steps to easily board your drom deck.

90 Degrees Model
45 Degrees Model
Hydraulic Tanks

Trebor offers Hyraudlic reservoirs complimentary to your headache rack for logging. It comes equipped with a robust 3/16” thick tank that is thicker than most hydraulic tanks on the market. The sides are folded to increase its density for maximum protection. An oil separator is included inside the tank so the oil will not travel freely. Easily connect your hoses to your equipment with our quality input and output connectors. An amazing feature of our hydraulic tanks is its user-friendly installation. It is built to be easily hooked or unhooked from its enclosed cab guard for maintenance, if needed.

Available volume sizes: 45, 50, 55, 60 and 70 GAL

Stack Protectors

Aluminum stack protectors can be welded onto a logging rack on its left and right sides to protect the exhausts on your semi-truck.


Got brooms or shovels to hang? Order aluminum hooks for your forestry headache rack and Trebor will install them onto the panels of the logging cabshield. (picture)

Overhead Cabs

Protect the top of your cab by adding an aluminum overhead cab which acts as a roof between your logging cab guard and the top of your semi-truck.

Grab Handles

For extra grip, Trebor’s chrome 27” grab handles can be welded onto each side of your logging headache rack so you may easily climb onto the frame of your semi-truck or simply to have a grip while working on the back of your truc. picture


A logging truck should always come equipped with a logging headache rack for maximum security. A driver’s safety is Trebor’s main concern. All our logging cab guards are certified D.O.T for transport requirements when installed correctly in accordance with Trebor’s installation guide. Built from lightweight, durable aluminum Trebor’s logging headache racks are versatile and may be customized for multiple applications. Contact us now to get your free quote.



TRF79102-                         79″ X 102″


Center box

Center Box

Trebor u-bolts kit


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